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Updated Friday, July 25, 2014




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Fri - Thurs
July 25 - 31
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Our ticket office accepts CASH ONLY, NO CREDIT CARDS OR CHECKS

NOTE: We reserve the right to move popular shows to larger screens to accommodate crowds. Please check at the ticket office every time you attend to confirm where your movie choice is playing.

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The Warwick Drive-In Theater is located at 5 Warwick Turnpike (Route 21) just off Route 94, (right behind Shop-Rite) in Warwick, Orange County, NY 10990. Movie Phone (845) 986-4440.
We feature a park-like, grassy setting on 11 acres of farmland, first-run movies, home-cooked food and multiple screens for a bigger choice of features.

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A limited number of Gift Certificate Books are available. They contain 10 tickets each and cost $70.00 per book. Please send an e-mail to if you are interested.


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Located just 6 miles east of Vernon, New Jersey, the Warwick Drive-In is easy to get to from the New York/New Jersey Metropolitan Area via Route 17 (NY) West or Route 23 (NJ) North. Here is a detailed map and a link to printable driving directions.

Admission prices are: Adults-$10.00; Kids (age 4-11) $6.00; under age 4 is FREE; Seniors-$6.00. We do not take credit cards. We use the latest in FM radiosound.

by Debrean & Randy Loy, Films, Food, & Fun!

• Always dim your lights before entering the lot.
• Don't litter.
• Place your speaker back on the pole.
• Trucks & vans: please be considerate and park in the rear of the lot or at the ends of rows, as directed by the theater staff. Otherwise, patrons in automobiles may not be able to see over your roof.

FAQ (Frequently Asked


Question: I noticed you get both movies for the $10.00 price tag. But can you watch a movie on screen 1 at 8:00 then go to screen 2 at 9:30? I think the answer is no...
Answer: You are correct... the answer is no. The film companies approve our combination shows and require separate tickets to be sold for each screen. We cannot allow you to switch screens because we might lose our special Double Feature privileges.

Note: You can send questions to us and we'll try to answer them here on the web site.




The rundown: Director Luc Besson goes weird, but not weird enough, in this sci-fi tale of a woman (Scarlett Johansson) whose brain capacity is heightened. 90 minutes.

MPAA Rating: Rated R for strong violence, disturbing images, and sexuality

Those expecting a straight-ahead action movie in Luc Besson’s “Lucy” may find this sci-fi head-scratcher a little crazy — but I don’t think it’s crazy enough. Scarlett Johansson stars as Lucy, an American student in Taiwan who becomes an unwilling drug mule for a nasty Asian crime boss, Mr. Jang (played by the Korean star Choi Min-Sik). A pouch of a mysterious drug is surgically implanted in her belly, but when the parcel bursts into her bloodstream, the drug takes effect, opening up her mental capacity to unworldly levels. Seeking help from a professor (Morgan Freeman, in plot exposition mode), Lucy figures out how to harness her powers and go after Jang’s gang. Besson employs his usual action tricks, but doesn’t give Johansson many opportunities to kick butt, Black Widow-style. He also loads up with visual oddities of the cosmos and human prehistory, like an amped-up recut of Terrence Malick’s “The Tree of Life.” It’s all wild and nonsensical, and with Johansson quite appealing. Ultimately, though, it feels as though Besson is playing it safe when he could have gone full-tilt toward something insanely original.



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