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The Warwick Drive-In Theater is located at 11 Warwick Turnpike (Route 21) just off Route 94, (right behind Shop-Rite) in Warwick, Orange County, NY 10990. Movie Phone (845) 986-4440.
We feature a park-like, grassy setting on 11 acres of farmland, first-run movies, home-cooked food and multiple screens for a bigger choice of features.

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Located just 6 miles east of Vernon, New Jersey, the Warwick Drive-In is easy to get to from the New York/New Jersey Metropolitan Area via Route 17 (NY) West or Route 23 (NJ) North. Here is a detailed map and a link to printable driving directions.

Admission prices are: Adults-$10.00; Kids (age 4-11) $7.00; under age 4 is FREE; Seniors-$7.00.Our ticket office accepts all credit cards. We use the latest in FM radiosound.

by Debrean & Randy Loy, Films, Food, & Fun!

• Always dim your lights before entering the lot.
• Don't litter.
• Place your speaker back on the pole.
• Trucks & vans: please be considerate and park in the rear of the lot or at the ends of rows, as directed by the theater staff. Otherwise, patrons in automobiles may not be able to see over your roof.

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Question: I noticed you get both movies for the $10.00 price tag. But can you watch a movie on screen 1 and then go to screen 2 or 3? I think the answer is no...
Answer: You are correct... the answer is no. The film companies approve our combination shows and require separate tickets to be sold for each screen. We cannot allow you to switch screens because we might lose our special Double Feature privileges.
You would have to purchase another ticket.

Note: You can send questions to us and we'll try to answer them here on the web site.


Inside Out
4 Stars

MPAA Rating: Rated [PG] for mature themes, mild peril, 8 and up


The rundown: Disney/Pixar's latest is a funny, smart, colorful and deep story of an 11-year-old girl in transition, as seen by the emotions inside her mind. 94 minutes, plus a 7-minute short


"As anyone who grabbed the tissues during “Finding Nemo,” “Wall-E,” “Toy Story 3” or “Up” can confirm, the folks at Pixar Animation Studios know the magic formula of giving audiences a good laugh and a good cry.
What’s most brilliant about the luminously beautiful “Inside Out,” Pixar’s best movie in a decade, is how director Pete Docter not only connects beautifully to those emotions but turns them into his characters.
Docter, whose past films (“Up” and “Monsters, Inc.”) have shown him to be Pixar’s most conceptual director, starts with a question: “Do you ever look at someone and wonder, ‘What is going on inside their head?’?” Joy (voiced by Amy Poehler) knows the answer, because she’s one of the emotions inside the head of Riley, a happy, hockey-loving 11-year-old girl.
Joy was the first emotion on hand when Riley was born, but soon more arrived: Sadness (voiced by “The Office’s” Phyllis Smith), Fear (voiced by Bill Hader), Disgust (voiced by Mindy Kaling) and Anger (voiced by comic Lewis Black). The five oversee Riley’s day-to-day life, keeping her safe and helping her form memories — with the most important ones, her core memories, powering the islands of Riley’s personality.
That sounds complicated, but Docter and his collaborators (co-director Ronnie Del Carmen, who shares story credit with Docter, and co-screenwriters Meg LeFauve and Josh Cooley) present these ideas with clever and easy-to-grasp symbolism — and the color-coded emotions make the screen pop with brightness.
Riley (voiced by Kaitlyn Dias) is called “our happy girl” by her parents (voiced by Diane Lane and Kyle MacLachlan), and that’s a testament to Joy’s leading role in Headquarters, the control center of Riley’s mind. When the family moves from Minnesota to San Francisco, Riley finds the adjustment difficult, and her emotions are struggling to keep pace. Joy works frantically to keep Riley happy and keep Sadness from touching the girl’s core memories.
Then Joy and Sadness, the emotional odd couple, accidentally get thrown out of Headquarters — and with Fear, Disgust and Anger left to run the board, Riley transforms into an eye-rolling, back-talking ball of anxiety. Joy and Sadness’ journey back is an adventure that goes through Riley’s imagination, dreams and subconscious. They also befriend her long-forgotten imaginary friend, Bing Bong (voiced by Richard Kind), a singularly ingenious creation in a movie that’s brimming with inventive elements.
The voice casting is perfect, especially with the quintet of actors portraying Riley’s emotions. Poehler channels sly wit and boundless enthusiasm into Joy, and her pairing with Smith’s Eeyore-like Sadness is a fountain of humor. Hader is properly manic as Fear, Kaling gives the right amount of sass as Disgust, and Black turns typecasting into a positive as the fulminating Anger.
It’s old hat to call a movie an “emotional thrill ride,” but in “Inside Out,” it’s literally true. As Riley’s emotions experience their share of thrills and spills, the audience is given space to feel her conflicted emotions. Even Joy learns that it’s all right, and healthy, to feel sad sometimes — and if it’s OK for her, then we who are sniffling in the audience don’t need to feel embarrassed when the house lights come up."

By SEAN P. MEANS | The Salt Lake Tribune

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